1Tech supports Flexu to deliver a revolutionary Cryptocurrency platform

1Tech is an AWS consulting partner having a global presence but locally focused to the UK, European and UAE regions. We are a 20 year old organisation with serious and long standing credentials.

We have been helping Flexu to deliver their next generation Cryptocurrency platform which has been designed for longevity. 1Tech has created their platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) including use of EC2, Relational Database Services, WordPress, API Management, Blockchain, Route 53, WorkMail and more. See the full details at https://www.flexu.org.

FLEXU (“FLEXU”) is a new cryptocurrency that is designed to address the issues and concerns of the current generation of cryptocurrencies such as instability, uncertainty, lack of supply and extreme volatility.

FLEXU is trusted, stable, self-governing, available, reliable and interoperable.

FLEXU is cryptocurrency that is designed to ensure longevity and stability, ensuring the ecosystem of FLEXU holders is protected through the following key design aspects:

Available and Stable – Consistent token supply; ERC20 and ERC223 standards compliant ensuring future compatability with other blockchain design principles. Continuous ever lasting supply enables liquidity to avoid volatility and scarcity.
Trusted self governance – FLEXU cannot be interfered with as the design of the platform is fully automated. FLEXU is a stable monetary system auctioned daily by descending price.
Enduring – Long lasting Cyptocurrency that is usable and atractive to payment providers for purchase of goods and services;
Reliable – FLEXU is minted daily and available in a descending price auction;
Flexible – FLEXU is exchangeable for fiat and ETH currencies;
Interoperable – FLEXU is cross-blockchain compatible, meaning it is migrateable from one blockchain to other blockchains. This provides FLEXU owners with an option to move to other cryptocurrency networks if desired;

The key features of Flexu are: