Why Would you need this service?

Continuous optimising of an organisations cloud environment ensures they have the best solution for their changing needs and to capitalise on improved services offered by cloud service providers.  Optimisation should focus on improved productivity, strength, reliability, longevity, efficiency, utilisation and cost.

Automating operations deliver higher productivity, reliability, availability and increased performance.  It reduces operating costs while delivering consistency of the customers service experience.  Automation empowers organisations to optimise internal resource allocation, capitalise on opportunity costs, and enables businesses to scale to meet demand.

How we deliver this service

1Tech will review your current cloud environment looking at each workload to determine their usage, history, and operational cost. We will then expertly analyse these against your needs, best practice and the configurations available. The recommendations made will focus on  how you can improve your workload-to-service matching and will help IT Operations make better decisions.

1Tech will define your cloud optimisation solution model at the application level by correlating business demand with cloud service utilisation. While planning for growth and predicting upcoming costs using advanced predictive analytics.

The automation of your cloud environment processes, and the effective use of automation tools plays a vital role in the optimising of your cloud and resource usage. 1Tech will work with you to automate workloads and processes to ensure your environment always delivers on your business needs.  By automating processes and with less demand for manual maintenance your people will be better placed to work on the business.


  • Operational efficiencies – maximum resource usage. Cost / resource optimisation
  • Cloud cost optimisation;
  • Recommendations for continual optimisation of your cloud environment;
  • automation and the ability for a business to innovate and re-deploy often;
  • Application risk reduction by rightsizing instances based on workload patterns;
  • Infrastructure reduction and modernisation through cloud instance rightsizing;
  • Automation through self-optimising cloud apps.

Benefits/ Typical Outcomes


  • AWS Continuous security audits by certification bodies globally makes compliance to regulations easier and provides better security controls;
  • Triggered scaling up or down in response to demand;
  • Improved staff productivity. People can now work on the business;
  • Accelerates innovation driving business success;
  • Reduces total cost of ownership.


  • Improved centralised governance – avoid unplanned spend;
  • Reduced risk through enhanced security;
  • Increased value – pay only for what you use;
  • Better use of cloud helps drive innovation.

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