Why Would you need this service?

Drivers for modernisation are typically that the current platform or applications have become obsolete resulting in rising costs and effort to maintain beyond what is viable (a situation that also slows the business down). It could be that the platform or application are no longer supported which exposes the business to cybersecurity threats and non- compliance issues. Contract and license agreement renewals also prompt assessments of how the current Applications and Systems are delivering against business requirements. Other drivers include:

  • Emerging customers who expect better, faster, always available services;
  • End user / modern user who are more mobile and have diverse expectations;
  • Security and compliance requirements;
  • Consolidation resulting from mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

How we deliver this service

Application modernisation will by default start with an assessment. A key goal for this assessment is to gain a clear understanding of what a company’s core business is.  All other activities are considered as commodities that could be outsourced, allowing the business to focus on its own capabilities.


  • Application Modernisation Strategy
  • Applications and technology portfolio governance, architecture principles;
  • Application portfolio assessment covering key data points such as 4Rs, technical health, business capability importance and support, business value, criticality, stability, DR support, technical strategy fit, stability, security posture, plan;
  • Application life-cycle heatmap – 4R’s – retain/refresh/replace/retire;
  • Application portfolio catalogue – baseline definition to a true master source;
  • Application criticality heatmap;
  • Enterprise application information flows view;
  • Potential modernisation roadmaps (with dependencies).


Benefits/ Typical Outcomes

  • Decreased time to market
    Cloud-native architecture enables increased agility and extensibility, as companies can add or update new modules without having to rebuild entire applications.
  • Overcome cultural barriers for successful cloud native adoption
    1Tech helps its clients to develop & nurture new organizational culture to ensure a smooth and prosperous transition to cloud-native.
  • Shorten the release cycles
    Leverage industry leading cloud-native design patterns, library of coarse business services, along with agile and DevOps enablement.
  • Handle continuous business needs
    Cloud-native applications are enabled with auto-scale feature to handle continuous business needs. This feature enables enterprises to deal with complex process needs with a pay-as-you-go model.

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