Why Would you need this service?

  • To identify the best cloud service fit for your business;
  • Benefit from the many advantages that cloud computing provides without having to make costly mistakes;
  • Ensure that your cloud adoption approach is in keeping with industry best practice;
  • Ensure that your business and staff are cloud ready and can easily transition across to the cloud.

How we deliver this service

We are an independently minded client-side organisation, our work is focused solely on maximising benefits for our clients’ business.  Our best practice assessment and delivery service is committed to:

Joint working: One of our key strengths is the ability to form joint teams with our clients and to manage working relationships, so that stakeholders from potentially disparate organisations can work successfully together to produce findings and recommendations acceptable to all parties.

Flexible approach: Our proposed team of highly experienced and skilled individuals are used to working flexibly with their clients to ensure that the requisite high quality of work can be performed within the required timescales.

Commitment: We bring the commitment and enthusiasm to an assignment that is crucial to success. Our staff are experienced professionals who enjoy their work and quickly develop sound working relationships with clients at all levels.

Off the shelf and Customisable Artefacts: Based on extensive cross industry and sector experience we arrive at our clients with a wide range of beneficial artefacts that are left behind within the contract. 1Tech boasts a catalogue of over 200 templates that are used to drive forward the development of client architecture needs.



  • Establish clear targets and metrics aligned to the business objectives. Define success factors, track and measure progress;
  • Define required skills and identify gaps in experience and training;
  • Ensure your applications and workloads are ready for migration;
  • Security compliance position – Built in security of cloud offering;
  • Define what a Well architected cloud environment looks like for your business.

Benefits/ Typical Outcomes

  • Architected for cost saving;
  • Benefit from serverless computing and automated scaling on demand;
  • Operational Resilience – ease of managing services (not servers);
  • Business Agility – making use of always up to date advancements in technology at no additional cost to gain competitive advantage.

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