Why Would you need this service?

Cloud cost management helps businesses control their spending on cloud services while maximizing their resources. Making cloud cost management a priority, an organisation can control its costs and practice good governance and staying competitive.  It also supports other business objectives and best practices, including security, visibility and accountability.

Good cloud cost management gives businesses the ability to plan for the future, reduce waste, and forecast both their costs and their resource needs.

How we deliver this service

In addition to our assessment and reporting, as an AWS partner 1Tech offers the following services:

  • AWS Cost Calculator: An AWS tool commonly used in most migration projects to provide an estimate of the costs of AWS cloud services that suite your needs;
  • AWS Total cost of Ownership calculator: Provides a comparison between On-premise vs AWS costs that calculates the end to end cost providing a full view of these true costs;
  • Microsoft Windows cost optimisation: We help customers reduce licensing footprint and meet the needs of modern applications through purpose-built databases, services and migration tools. Using AWS solutions, customers can migrate current and legacy versions of Windows Server and SQL Server to cloud native, Linux and open source solutions, enabling them to break free from commercial licensing costs;
  • AWS Quick Start: Help’s deploying popular technologies on AWS, based on AWS best practices for security and high availability. Quick Start includes AWS CloudFormation templates that automate the deployment and a guide that discusses the architecture and provides step-by-step deployment instructions.  These accelerators reduce hundreds of manual procedures into just a few steps, to build a production environment quickly and to start using it immediately.


  • A reliable cost estimate for migrating to the cloud;
  • Cost comparison between on-premise and cloud hosting based on total cost of ownership;
  • Microsoft licensing cost consolidation;
  • Recommendations on cloud usage to reduce cost without compromising performance;
  • In-depth visibility into your Amazon ECS and EKS environments to examine performance and optimise container usage;
  • Detailed recommendations on the configuration of your cloud operating budgets;
  • Analysis of key metrics to help you cut AWS costs and manage budgets;
  • Optimisation of your AWS infrastructure e.g. Removing or modifying underutilised infrastructure;
  • Optimisation of EC2 and RDS reservations;
  • Automation and Governance recommendations;
  • Implementation of governance policies and workflows to reduce infrastructure management, including automation to monitor your environment and take care of daily operational tasks;
  • Audit of your environment’s security measures against industry-standard benchmarks from AWS and the Centre for Internet Security (CIS).;
  • Set up of automatic security alerts for critical issues;
  • Automated distribution of in-depth security policy violations reports ranked by severity and offering profound insight into affected resources.

Benefits/ Typical Outcomes

  • Transparent view of AWS billing;
  • Easy to set up and manage;
  • Cost saving from optimised cloud usage;
  • Cost saving to maximise cloud spend.

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