Why Would you need this service?

Disasters like data centre failures, server corruptions, or cyber-attacks, human error and natural disasters disrupt business, impact your revenue and damage your reputation. No business is immune from the risk of losing access to their data and applications. A disaster recovery plan can help assure that this is a temporary problem, allowing you to restore your business operations quickly.

Business continuity is important for customers who are dependent on online interaction with your business.  In the event of a disaster, quick restoration of services means you can continue to provide your customers the service they expect.  Prolonged service interruption, could see your customers going to your competitors.

How we deliver this service

1Tech are seasoned experts in the area of assuring our clients of business and IT continuity, securing their data and keeping their clients happy. Our approach to establishing your disaster recovery plan includes conducting an asset inventory and performing a risk assessment in these.

With this in place 1Tech will define criticality of applications and data and your organisations recovery objectives. We will review and identify the tools and techniques that are best suited to your business and make recommendations on these.

The DRP is documented and approved before being communicated with the business for testing, evaluation and updating.


1Tech is a proud AWS partner and we advocate the use of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery which minimises downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS. This service provides the following services that will underpin the peace of your disaster recovery plan provides:

  • Centralised backup management;
  • A policy-based backup solution;
  • Tag-based backup policies;
  • Automated backup scheduling;
  • Automated retention management;
  • Backup activity monitoring;
  • Lifecycle management policies;
  • Backup access policies.


Benefits/ Typical Outcomes

  • Ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster;
  • Continued customer satisfaction;
  • Reduce downtime and protect against data loss;
  • Simplify implementation and increase reliability;
  • Protect enterprise applications and databases;
  • Decrease your total cost of ownership.

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