Consolidating Microsoft Licensing on AWS

As a leading software provider, Microsoft has built a reputation of being a reliable vendor to business and personal users alike. For many, there is no recollection of a time before Microsoft applications that have become a staple part of our lives and long may that continue.

Many companies have adopted a Microsoft offering as the standard for their business. But managing the procurement of licenses can be a challenge. The general rule of thumb being the bigger the organisation the less control they have. The net result is while the business benefits from the technology, they have little control of costs.

There is also a common misconception that when it comes to adopting cloud platforms that the only route to host Microsoft applications is Azure. This is not the case.

The AWS Licence mobility service in conjunction with Microsoft’s software assurance program allows customers to use Microsoft Server application licenses that they already own* on AWS, Organisations can easily move workloads to the Amazon Web Services cloud, at no additional Microsoft software license fees.

Combining the AWS license mobility service with Microsoft’s software assurance program users are assured of a smooth transition from on Premise to the cloud.  It ensures that customers who prefer to purchase perpetual licenses the ability to continue doing so while still taking advantage of the efficiencies of the AWS cloud.

As seasoned experts in digital transformation and cloud technologies, 1Tech can help you migrate your Windows workloads and applications from on-premise to the AWS cloud platform. We advocate a well-defined phased approach which will limit disruption while allowing you to see the benefits of the cloud. A standard component of our approach is a detailed licensing assessment of your on-premises solution.

At 1Tech we have been focused on our client’s business needs for 20 years. We have first hand knowledge and the experience of working with companies on defining and delivering on their requirements.

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*Excludes Windows Server license which has to be purchased through AWS